Redefining Creative Collaboration

UNSTAGED isn't just the world's largest live-streaming concert series. Show after show, it has redefined how fans connect with artists. Yet with competitors popping up nearly everyday, the challenge in 2012 was to reclaim the online access edge.

The key was pushing Unstaged into a platform for creative expression. Taking fans from a passive entertainment experience to a collaborative one, where fans and artists could co-create a show together. For Jack White, fans submitted profile pictures to unlock exclusive portraits of the artist himself. The Killers met their fans face-to-face, interacting with snapshots from people around the world during the show. Usher even invited his following to join him on stage via uniquely customized dancing avatars.

In 2012, UNSTAGED turned its shows into global happenings and re-staked its claim as an innovator in digital access and expression. Creating unprecedented engagement, collaboration, and unforgettable memories for music fans everywhere.

Usher | Take the Stage

  • Usher recruits digital backup dancers

  • Usher

    Fans create and customize avatars

  • Avatars integrated into live performance

Killers | Face-to-Face

  • Killers ask fans to join their concert

  • Usher

    Worldwide fans submit pics

  • Bands meets their fans on stage

Jack White | The White Room

  • Jack calls fans to join experiment

  • Usher

    Tweets and check-ins create
    portrait mosaics

  • Jack White

    Social activity unlocks downloadable